Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I’m not up to the challenge. I don’t like competition. I don’t sign up for things. The last time I did it took me 6 months to dissolve my membership from the YMCA. I guess I have a hard time breaking up. When they wouldn’t do it over the phone I thought, this sounds familiar. Crap. I eventually became free of my financial obligation to the Y but they didn’t make it easy for a gal. Having not learned anything with this experience, I bought a coupon for hot yoga. I had done it one time at the Y but it was not what I would consider “hot”. And it damn sure wasn’t hot like this hot yoga. It was supposed to be everything I hated... being in a box with a lot of people, sweating...I’m pretty sure that’s why I quit the Y. But for some reason I loved it. Everyone minds their own business and you don’t have to talk to anyone-- besides it’s not proper yoga etiquette to bug someone in the middle of their downward dog. There are suggestions but not expectations from the instructors which I’m into since I’ve never been much of an “over achiever”.... you take from it what you want. And there is no flipping scale in this joint. So I signed up for a year. Some people try the 30 day challenge but screw it, I’ll give it 365---or more like 160 if I’m lucky. I’m game. Show me the zen. I’m going to try and reach for enlightenment. I really feel like this could be the one. NAMASTE